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In 2003, during the first trip of Pr. Lula to Europe to Davos, Min Furlan encouraged the creation of a Cooperation and Innovation Initiative between Brazil and Germany in the field of Agribusiness. The Initiative was created with the co-management of the business and governmental side of the two countries

The Innovation Commission was created in 2014 between the business and government areas. Encouraged relevant institutional cooperation. Fraunhofer actively supported the creation of EMBRAPII, which today is a bridge of innovation between companies and institutions. The Entrepreneurial Movement for Innovation MEI is one of CNI’s biggest innovation integration platforms. This Commission was finalized by the parties in 2017. (see annex that may be included)

The Brazil Germany Infrastructure Commission was created in the government during the transition from the FHC government to Lula in 2002, where in November the transitional government was already participating in a Seminar in Frankfurt with the joint participation of Pedro Parente and Dilma Rousseff. The committee continued until 2009, dissolving later.

Green Rio is an initiative that was born after Rio92 and Rio + 10 by Maria Beatriz Bley, who for many years led PLANETA ORGANICO and since then has played a fundamental role in the area of BIOECONOMY Brazil Germany.

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