Mission, Vision and Values


Develop Conceptions for companies, institutions and leaders through consultancy programs and projects aimed at investments, sustainable ventures.


Create a Community of Visionaries through mentors of excellence focused on the future, for the Good of Latin America, and Brazil.


Quality: Doing it Right, right the first time

Ethics: Questioning whether what we do contributes to the Good of people, humanity and nature

Sustainability: : Aiming at the future of our actions, ensure that they are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable in that order.

Reliability: Ensuring that our actions confirm our words.

Assertiveness: : Come back and focused on solutions using the power of synthesis



We respect the individuality of people and of institutions; believe in the potential of each one to give the best of themselves in the circumstances in which they live, for their development, their citizenship, their well-being and their region


Doing what is right, in the right way from the first time is what we are always looking for.


Permanently enchant our customers and partners, for achieving exceptional results.


The results of our actions are focused on the long term, fair social inclusion, economic return and respect for nature and the environment.

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