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CLACE -Latin American Center for the Coordination of Studies


The Latin American Center for the Coordination of Studies CLACE stablished on December 1959, at the initiative of student leaders in São Paulo. Its objective was to develop studies, and articulations around the development of democracy in Latin America. Consisting of democratic leaders, with its first presidency by the Bolivian Cesar Borda Aneiva, and a board formed by student leaders. It is the first representation of the Brazilian Chapter of the Society for International Development SID, representing Brazil in the Conventions in Costa Rica, Edinburgh and Côte d’Ivoire. Its democratic leaders, after their formation, went to the Brazilian diplomatic service, business, academic and institutional leaders. CLACE ceased to exist after fulfilling its mission with democratization in Latin America.

Ingo Plöger as a student acted at CLACE, motivated by democratic principles and the purposes of Latin American integration.

Declaration of Principles

CEAL Latin America Entrepreneur Council

Founded on February 19, 1990 in Mexico City, the CEAL – Latin American Business Council is formed by Business Leaders from Latin America, Puerto Rico and Miami, United States. It was created with the aim of unifying efforts that strengthen their reciprocal ties within a framework of democracy and promoting the socioeconomic progress of the nations to which they belong and in which they have expanded their activities and business markets. Its membership is approximately 350 companies, being an entity representing the private sector that promotes Latin American integration under the North of a borderless America. Among the activities carried out are the Plenary Assembly and the Expanded Boards, which cover topics ranging from economic, political, commercial events, to topics related to technology, innovation and the world of communication. CEAL, promotes the relationship between the entrepreneur and society, thus being its members, positive agents of change through activities that benefit the environments in which they operate, permeating other sectors through environmental protection, improvements in education, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, culture, among other areas.

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