Networking Excellences for
Conceptions and Strategies

Networking Excellences for Conceptions and Strategies

The development of strategies and conceptions is often acquired through the experience shared between partners. Several ways have proved to be extremely effective in this process of complementing visions and strategies through the experiences of others.

Conversations, meetings, workshops, round tables, seminars, forums and congresses facilitate and promote the enhancement of these experiences. A critical and central point is the quality of your interlocutor.

An assignment of contemporary Leadership and the ability to maintain Networking and form high performing groups.

IPDES has had numerous success stories in networking excellences in its history, promoting conversation and communication between the right people, at the right time.

IPDES and its team are recognized for their skills and competences in permanently seeking the formation of the best network for their specific case.

Networking excellences is ability to put together people, relating and combining ideas, aiming at their immediate and future solutions.

IPDES conceptualizes Congresses, Seminars, Workshops, Round Tables and individual or institutional conversations, for its customers.

IPDES has held closed meetings on strategic issues, with institutions and companies, to conceptualize, exchange ideas, experiences and target public.

Promotion by regional investments

  • Development of strategies and concepts for Institutions, in close collaboration with institutions such as UNCTAD, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, in public policies to promote the Project Links, connecting small and medium companies to the global market.
  • Latin America Regional Offices, CAF – Latin American Integration and Digitization,
  • BLOCKS – U.E – Debate to understand the value chain,
  • BDI – German Industry Confederation, meetings debates on synergies between Blocks and countries.
  • WEF, IDB, OAS, seeking to develop partnership and a vision of added value for our region
  • Agribusiness, Innovation, Pharmaceutical, Bioeconomy

Strategies in negotiations for economic blocs

Institutions with which IPDES has cooperated over the past years:

  • Brazil-Germany Chambers
  • Latin American Business Council – CEAL
  • Brazilian Business Coalition – CEB
  • National Confederation of Industry – CNI
  • Bunderverband der Deutschen Industrie – BDI
  • Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo – FIESP
  • Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro – FIRJAN
  • Brazilian Association of Basic Industries – ABDIB
  • Brazilian Agribusiness Association – ABAG
  • Brazilian Association of Non-Generically Modified Grain Producers – ABRANGE
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development – UNCTAD
  • Mercosur European Union Business Forum – MEBF
  • Among others.

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