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IPDES, with its team, works on its projects with renowned strategic partners in its national and international network, composed of institutions and high-performance executives.

IP Desenvolvimento is a consultancy specializing in working with Brazilian and international companies and institutions to promote business, investment, trade and innovation.

Founded by businessman Ingo Plöger, it has the participation of Nina Teles and Rose Adas, a team that has worked together for many years, built and has been building a solid relationship with other companies and institutions.

Ingo Plöger has the background of his family business, Companhia Melhoramentos de São Paulo, founded in 1892 by his grandfather, and vast experience as a chief executive in multinational companies.

The team’s experiences with the Brazil Germany Chamber, at the Mercosur European Union Business Forum, with Minister Furlan’s team, as responsible for the promotion of federal government investments and acting in the coordination of investments in President Lula’s conferences, as well as in the Business Council from Latin America CEAL brought to IPDES skills and competences that made it possible to broaden its focus to government actions and multilateral institutions.

More than a slogan, Networking Excellences represents the team’s permanent performance in combining excellence, seeking the best solutions for our customers.

Ingo Plöger

Ingo Plöger

Engineer and Economist, Brazilian, businessman with extensive international experience; Ingo has assisted many companies and government institutions in identifying and developing new businesses and establishing investments.

Nina Teles

Nina Teles

Brazilian, postgraduate in Economics, with an MBA –Advanced Boardroom Program for Women | ABP-W, with experience in the USA; financial institutions, investment promotion, public management, government investment policies, implementation of new businesses, development/funding for the investment process and innovation acting on commissions in international forums. Partner IPDES, Advisor in Institutions.

Rose Adas

Rose Adas

Graduated in Mathematics, Brazilian, executive with extensive experience in the USA, England and France in export and import projects for products and services, as well as organization of events and international missions. Greenfield project management, and interin management.

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