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What we do for you?

We develop Strategic Concepts for your plans in Brazil or abroad.

We place you and your company in contact with institutions and personalities that can make a difference in your projects.

We carry out projects with a high degree of sophistication and quality.

We accompany you and your company in your initiatives because in addition to consultants we are entrepreneurs and executives with a high level of achievement.

We understand you and your business because we are Brazilians with extensive international and multicultural experience.

Institutions make a big difference in a diversified and democratic society. We lead some of them and know the way to go.

Our Services


IP Solution

IP brings in his knowledge in the investments area a vast experience in supporting customers in search of partners, mergers, acquisitions or other investment alternatives, as well as in developing new international markets.

IP offers its clients strategic advice, strategic planning, planning for corporate responsibility, project management, being a think tank of ideas and conceptions for companies, institutions and government.

IP participates in Councils, offers advice to investors and lenders with respect to regional and global strategies, as well as on the internationalization of their activities.


Building Network

Communication strategies for business opportunities and institutional strategies are enhanced by the skills of its network.

Personal, professional and institutional interactions are an important niche to increase the opportunities for the understanding of differences and reduction of the risks.

The construction and development of the network is the key to success for achieving the goals set in the projects.