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Global Advisor

  • Global advisor in Boards
  • Mentoring for institutional strategies
  • Coaching for executives

Global Advisor


  • Changing processes
  • Ideas and new procedures
  • Creating opportunities


Issue Management: Leadership Sustainability Forum


Discussions of social aspects and sustainable environment, technological innovation, and Biofuels.
Equator Principles and education.

Participation in Boards of national and international companies:

Participação em Conselhos de instituições

Participation in Boards of institutions:

Strategical Advisory Council

Key Facts Analysis, Strategic and Sectors Evaluation

It provides decision makers with an analysis of the current state of economy

  • Strategic information
  • Continued development of scenarios of South American and Brazilian economies
  • Building the Market intelligence
  • Impact analysis
  • Sector assessments
  • Prospecting for opportunities
  • Construction of scenarios and macro trends
  • Issue Management

The Institutional Relationship Management – IRM involves

  • Systematic development of relationships‘ fields to political and business institutions and non-governmental, that may positively influence on clients business in Brazil.
  • Develop a wide and positive image with the stakeholders through a networking and client work recognition.
  • Opening new areas for client business and a transaction of positive information for increasing its efficacy and reducing risks.
  • Development of a networking to give sustainability to client’s presence in Brazil.

Development of services

The development of an IRM in Brazil is a Chief matter directly related to the CEO in Brazil. Even is subordinated to the local CEO, the Institutional Relationship Management is linked to the global IRM.


Issues included in IRM

  • Description of direct influence fields and its impacts.
  • Description of indirect influence fields and its impacts.


Identification of primary and secondary target groups.

  • Assessment, Risks and Potential analysis.
  • Development of Action Plan until 2017.
  • Institutional Communication Strategies.
  • Networking Plan.


Partnership strategies or competences’ acquisition

  • Government Consulting
  • NGO Consulting
  • Strategic orientation analysis
  • Action Plan


Support to develop the following mechanisms

  • Develop the local IRM area
  • Develop and activate the participation in entrepreneurial entities.
  • Develop a sponsorship program for long-term initiatives in order to increase client’s USP (unique selling points) in Brazil.
  • Development of an Advisory Board: conception, operation and proposition of names.