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Last May 11 and 12 the Latin America Business Council (CEAL) had the opportunity to participate in the Green Latin America Congress, an initiative created in Rio de Janeiro during the UN Global Summit on Sustainability, called Rio+20. Entrepreneurs, institutions and governments participated in the panels, and reached some very interesting conclusions.
The key question was, what will be Latin America’s position in the future agenda? The discussion looked into the 10 megatrends mostly used by institutions. Their impact on the global economy and on civil society across different nations has been analyzed by many institutions.
But something not frequently talked about is the notion of the impact evaluation of Latin America as a continent in a global view.
CEAL is convinced that Latin America, with a GDP of $9 trillion –half that of the U.S., European Union or China– and with a population of 550 million, is a player that offers some structural characteristics that offers more solutions than problems for the future agenda. The following issues are remarkable:

No conflicts between nations; one of the most peaceful continents
More than 80 percent of the population is urban
Inequality rates are falling while the international tendency is increasing
High growth rate of connectivity
More than 25 percent of the energy matrix is renewable
Best international yield of Foreign Direct Investment as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product


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