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About us

IP Desenvolvimento Empresarial e Institucional is a consulting company, a Think Tank of conceptions, focused on the development of businesses and strategies for companies and institutions.

As a global consulting company it monitors the internationalization of companies in Brazil and MERCOSUL, reaching Latin America, the European Union and the United States, among others.

In the business field, it develops and monitors partnership projects seeking opportunities in new markets, joint ventures and investments. In the institutional area it develops strategies for global organizations and conceptualizes and organizes forums, developing themes related to sustainability and innovation, economic and regional topics, as well as the elaboration of specific studies for different sectors.

IP Desenvolvimento has the purpose of coordinating and supporting efforts in business and institutional areas focusing on changes that began in Brazil, with the prominent internationalization of its economy, including international negotiations between Mercosul countries and the European Union, ALCA and WTO, which affected sectors and companies in the region.